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 Parent Directory   - 2020-09-24 16:57 107M presents=- -=Forensic Data Recovery & Encryption Instructional CDROM=- -=2009 WeAreChange edition=- 9/11/09 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: For best performance, create a directory on your hard drive and copy over the contents of the CD-ROM into that directory. The powerpoint and installations will run more smooth. Furthermore, some of the programs that don't have install files need to be on a hard drive, they won't work properly if run directly from a CD-ROM. After the files are copied make sure they are not set to read only. Sometimes files coming off a CDROM are automatically set to read only. Select them all, right click, go to properties, and make sure they are not all set to Read Only. If it is Read Only, uncheck the box and you're good to go. This CD-ROM contains - PowerPoint presentation - InfoSecTechForActivists.pdf - Forensic Software - TestDisk & PhotoRec - EXIF Tag Remover - Encryption Software - TrueCrypt - GnuPG Suite for Windows - SSH Tunneler - OpenSSH - Putty - Pidgin + OTR Plugin - Steganogrpahy Software - edjpgcom - mp3stegz DISCLAIMER AND WARNING THIS INFORMATION IS NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES. BE WARNED THAT THE PATRIOT ACT INCREASES PENALTIES FOR THE USE OF ENCRYPTION IF IT IS USED IN THE COMMISSION OF A CRIME, AND IT MAY BE ILLEGAL TO USE ENCRYPTION IN YOUR COUNTRY IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE USA. IF YOU ARE IN THE USA, IT IS ILLEGAL TO EXPORT ENCRYPTION ABOVE 128 BITS. ALL INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE PRESENTED HERE IS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ON DOZENS OF WEBSITES FOR ANYONE WHO WISHES TO SEEK IT OUT. ALL INFORMATION AND TECHNIQUES CONTAINED ON THIS CD-ROM AND IN THE PRESENTATION ARE PROTECTED BY THE 1ST AND 4TH AMENDMENTS OF THE UNITED STATED CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS. ALL THE CONTAINED SOFTWARE IS EITHER OPEN SOURCE OR FREEWARE. IT IS NOT OFFERED FOR SALE, BUT IS TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREELY. IF YOU TRY TO SELL ANY OF THIS, YOU ARE A JERK AND KARMA WILL GET YOU.